Arizona trading Company Qatar was acquired by Sadita Holding  on March 2006 as an established company since 1999. Arizona for over 2 decades , has  delivered the excellence, expertise, and quality products to our customers need to design successful experience.
Arizona carries more than 1500 dry, chilled, frozen and bakery products. Arizona serves a vast network of Hotels, Restaurants, Catering, Cafes, Bakeries, Supermarkets, Hypermarkets and Groceries.
We invest in the development and training of our engaged and motivated sales team and employees so that you can rely on our expertise and reputation. Arizona team are committed to fully satisfying your requirements and providing you with a rapid and friendly customer service.
We own and operate our own distribution channels from sourcing to operating to storing and delivering of  products.
We partner on an exclusivity basis with the world’s best food and non-food producers and suppliers, with whom we develop solid long lasting business relationships. 





Satisfying our customers while earning their loyalty, providing them with the best quality and long lasting business partnerships is our mission.

Arizona team values honesty and integrity.

Arizona vision is to actively seek new business ventures, and pursue trading partnerships with manufacturers of high end quality products.

The principal activities of the Company are distributing FMCG products
through importing the International brand food supplies with high standard
of business ethics and professionalism and focusing the art of consumer’s
trust and to be one of the key word for Food Supplies in the Qatar.

Arizona team has a premium professional experience
in serving retail , horeca and bakery.
Arizona team is our primary asset. Our team is passionate
about delivering the company’s strategy aligned
with the company’s business conduct.

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